Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Free Guide On How To Write Articles

write articles
One great thing you may have noticed is that there are so many opportunities to make money online nowadays, especially for those who love writing. Making money through freelance writing is among the most popular ways of earning extra or even full-time income online these days. However, writing is not a simple task as one may think. It requires time, dedication and effort in order to succeed as writer. Many freelancers write articles for websites’ owners and get paid huge amounts for their effort and experience. The more you produce high quality articles the more you can  make money online.

If you are looking for a great way to get paid online for your effort, you may want to consider learning how to write articles that are of high quality. However, before I take you through article writing techniques and teach you how to write articles the right way, you have to understand how and where the articles you write are used.

First, before you become a writer you actually need to understand the term SEO. SEO simply means search engine optimization. This is a technique used by most webmasters to rank higher on search engines and generate more traffic to their sites. This is done by writing content reach in keywords. Most of the time you will be required to write SEO articles for your clients, so that they can use them for search engine optimization.


write articles

How to write articles for search engine optimization


  • Focus on keywords provided

As I mentioned earlier, SEO articles have to be keyword reach. A client will provide you with specific keywords that are supposed to be used several times through out the article. With such keywords, you can do thorough research and come up with great content related to the keywords provided.
  • Create original content
One thing you have to keep in mind is that clients only pay writers who can deliver original articles. Copying articles from somewhere else on the web is illegal and Google penalizes websites with copied content. Your article must be 100% original. This does not mean that you cannot do your research online; in facts, it is recommended that you research for topics you are not familiar with but use your own words when writing so that your article will appear original.
  • Practice the correct use of keywords
While keywords are supposed to be spread throughout the SEO article, it is important to understand how to write articles that are search engine friendly without overusing the keywords. Normally, keywords should be used on the title of the article, once in the first paragraph,once in the last paragraph and once in every 100 words unless the client instructs you otherwise. Overusing the keyword, which is also referred to keyword stuffing, can lead to your article getting rejected.
  • Stay on topic
The best thing about article writing articles is that you are allowed to choose any topic to write about as long as you stick to the keywords. If you wish to learn how to write articles of high quality fast, you should focus on staying on topic throughout your article.



These are basic rules that you should learn and practice everyday if you want to become a successful freelance article writer. Knowing how to write articles is not enough; if you want to make it big in article writing you have to practice. Practicing means that you have to get started today and keep writing so that you can enhance your writing skills within the shortest time possible.

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